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Landscaping Under the Umbrella

Each year, the Artist Umbrella chooses a cause to support. The AU calls on their entire network to do a community project. This year, the AU chose the Umoja House. Umoja House was founded in October 2021 and opened its doors on December 1st, 2021. The Umoja House is a home to all migrants and provides transitional housing services for those displaced. We also lend our 3 houses as a community space where we can discuss art, culture, and diversity.

This spring will be the first time we work on landscaping. The goal is to have a space that’s welcoming and child friendly. We want the public to stop by and use our garden, connect to our wifi, and have a bonfire. We want this space to be truly owned by our neighborhood.

The community outdoor space will hold a banquet table, a gazebo with a serving bar, projector screen and open space for blankets, pillows, and international movies. We are raising money for this via donorbox: https://donorbox.org/landscaping-under-the-umbrellaCant donate? Join us for 2 days full of community, landscaping, and meals as our team makes food around the clock for volunteers! 

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