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12 Months of Refugees by Sarah Hillman

We are extremely excited to announce our 12 months of Refugees awareness campaign support by the amazing Sarah Hillman. Migration has always been portrayed as unwanted or “illegal” in the United States. In the real world, we know that migration is simply a human process. We migrate for love, economic reasons, community, safety, resources, etc.

Annual Spring Auction

Come one, come all! Bring your spring cleaning collectables to the Umoja House Annual Spring Action. By donating your treasures to us, we can sell them to another member of the community who will cherish them and help us raise money for furnishings, community events, and things we need to make Umoja House safe, comfortable,

French Language Exchange

The Umoja House loves culture. We hold monthly language exchanges to bring the community together and learn more about one another. Whether native, intermediate or beginner, stop by 325 Leslie St. to speak French and learn. Le maison Umoja aime la culture. Nous avons des échanges linguistiques mensuels pour rassembler la communauté et apprendre les

Umoja House Fundraiser

Hello, my name is Charla Burnett!   I was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan.   I was a first generation college graduate and my focus was on supporting refugees and migrants!   Did you know Lansing is a relocation site for refugees and Michigan is home to 50,000 refugees and asylees? I didn’t either until I started