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About the Umoja House


In the face of a profound housing shortage in Michigan that has affected many, including refugees, asylees, and internally displaced persons,  Traditional housing pathways often impose formidable barriers such as non-refundable application fees, rigorous background checks, and hefty deposits, leaving many on the brink of or in the throes of homelessness. Umoja House heralds a transformative approach to transitional housing, fostering a compassionate and supportive environment where individuals are not defined by their struggles but uplifted by opportunities to rebuild and flourish.
At the heart of Umoja House lies a non-equity mutual aid model, a tapestry woven with threads of community, ethics, and partnership. We collaborate with mission investors who resonate with our values, transforming their investments into avenues that enrich both the individual lives and the broader community. A portion of the revenue generated breathes life back into the homes and the neighborhood, embodying our commitment to rejuvenation and communal wellbeing.
Opening its doors on September 27th, 2021, Umoja House embarked on a pilot journey, a canvas of exploration, learning, and continuous enhancement. With transparency as our guide, we embark on a transformative mission, navigating through trials and triumphs, learning and evolving, to fortify our foundation and broaden our horizons.

Housing without borders

You can list your spare room and begin shaping your community today. 

Where we are...

Umoja House, nestled in Lansing, Michigan, is a sanctuary for migrants from various backgrounds, including international scholars, refugees, and asylees, as well as those internally displaced due to circumstances such as domestic violence and human trafficking. We offer temporary transitional homes, ranging from a day to twelve months, within a warmly inviting setting composed of three single-family houses, each radiating a unique charm and history.

Our homes are more than just buildings; they are spaces of solace and growth, each with its unique architecture and history. Imbued with the heritage and charm of designs originally by Sears, our homes located on Regent St. and Leslie St. stand as testaments to time and care. Each room, curated with thought and warmth, offers amenities ranging from furnishings to internet access and essential household items, ensuring that our guests experience comfort and care during their stay.

Our Community Platform

Discover the essence of community and convenience at your fingertips with the Umoja House website, your comprehensive platform for holistic community living and sharing. Thoughtfully curated and user-friendly, our website is a virtual haven that celebrates diversity, promotes inclusivity, and fosters connections, ensuring everyone feels at home.

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